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Recyclables to Restoration

by Sean Ali-Akbar
Recyclables to Restoration

As tragedy after tragedy occurs, I want to pose a question that I asked my classmates in my Public Speaking class. What pushes the greatest revolutionary movements to their fullest? Is it a great speaker, or large crowd, or a huge financial backing? None of those at all! The greatest revolutionary movements come from a place of love. It's the kind of love that deals with self-sacrifice, humility, humbleness, and not just saying it but living it out with your life. I believe if we stop living for ourselves and our own agenda, and start living for Him, we will soon come to find out that we are breaking down more barriers because of His big love.

The hardest, dirtiest, and most difficult place to share this love is the streets. When I met Lee, the gentleman that is pictured in this Blog, I went up and asked him if he needed help with his recyclables that he was digging out of the trash. He was stunned! Like no one has ever asked him if he has needed help doing this.

As I got to sit and talk with Lee, I noticed he just wanted to feel something more than the alcohol he had been drinking. He wanted to feel that someone cared about his well-being, even it was helping him with recyclables that he just pulled out of the trash. I don't mind getting my hands dirty and I can say this for the whole Oh Cheeky team. We will do whatever it takes for the sake of love. In this alley, I got to pray for Lee's life, and tell him about how God would change him and help him through all his struggles. How he would be transformed into a mighty man that would serve Him for all his days to come and how we would empower other individuals to do the same. Even though Lee was not comfortable with things I had to share with him, the action that took place after our time of crying out to God was incredible. He put his arms around me and said "Thank you so much, I needed that."


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