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Recyclables to Restoration

As tragedy after tragedy occurs, I want to pose a question that I asked my classmates in my Public Speaking class. What pushes the greatest revolutionary movements to their fullest? Is it a great speaker, or large crowd, or a huge financial backing? None of those at all! The greatest revolutionary movements come from a place of love. It's the kind of love that deals with self-sacrifice, humility, humbleness, and not just saying it but living it out with...
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Article Written About Us --- Check It Out!

Hey Guys, With our recent launch about a week ago, we were featured on BENH.TV. This is a "Lifestyle" media company that goes about searching for brands who are doing it a bit different. I don't want to give away all that it says but if you want to read the AWESOME article that was put out about us, please click the link below!
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