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We Are Back!

by Sean Ali-Akbar1 comment
We Are Back!

Hey Guys,

As many of you know, it’s been quite some time since we were last active, but we’ve been going through some BIG changes! As you can see, our site has changed quite a bit, but the biggest change we are making is in the structure and motivation behind what we do. Why? Because we finally had a breakthrough in the direction we want Oh Cheeky to grow in.

Some of you know this already, but my love for Jesus is unbreakable and my call into ministry is so strong that when Daniel and I sat down to really figure out how to personalize our company, we had a sort of realization (of course we had some help from HIM and great ideas from truly great people that we are blessed to have in our lives). So Oh Cheeky is now an "Outreach Apparel Company" that stands in line with our faith and the notion of selflessness, that we should do HIS work in all of this. We are no longer just a typical clothing company. We’re a company that also serves as a ministry for the people that many of us tend to walk by and don’t even think about.

In the time that I have walked the streets handing out care packages, sharing the Gospel, and praying for people, I’ve seen how people can just tune out the unfortunate. I’ve seen how completely shut off people can be, and it breaks my heart. We aren't called to just love and care for one group of people--it’s everyone. From the sit-downs and the conversations I’ve had giving out these care packages, I can already see God working mightily through this process and bringing those who have strayed away or have no faith at all to come to know HIM better.

But at the same time we want to focus on the practical and provide people with the essentials they might not have access to, stuff many of us forget about like socks and hand sanitizer. Could you imagine wearing the same socks for weeks on out? The sores, cold feet, athletes foot, and of course the smell? Many people have too hectic of a life to even have time to worry about these kinds of comforts at all. So basically, we are breaking that habit.

Anyway, I hope you all enjoyed our video, and if you would like to come out with me and hit the streets, please get in touch with us because we would love to have you! Stay blessed!







Walking in the way of the Lord is not an easy task but your doing it. I’m praying for you and this ministry. Love you! May the Lord of the heavens and the Earth always keep you safe and protected in Jesus name.


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