How Every Purchase Helps Our Friends in the Street

1. We Create

With every purchase you make, we create a care package on your behalf that is then distributed as part of our outreach ministry to the homeless living on the streets of Los Angeles.

2. You Inspire

In addition to your contribution in creating a care package, you have the option of writing an inspiring message that will be passed along inside, because we believe a simple, kind sentiment like that can go a long way.

3. They Benefit

Your care package will include essential items such as socks, antibacterial cleanser, SPF lotion, hygiene products, and feminine care products, along with your inspiring message.

Outreach and Breaking Bread

Our outreach initiatives open dialogues. Question norms. And inspire change. They ask us to think about our brothers and sisters who struggle in the streets, and take inspired action for the good. We believe in the human family, and in creating community despite our differences. When we come together for the purpose of uniting, we create a new reality of respect. That is our mission in the streets. To ignite change and stand together. Learn more about our initiatives here, and join us.
Breaking Bread