Monthly Breaking Bread

Every month, we hit the streets to distribute pizza to the homeless community at the Venice Boardwalk. Volunteers from all over the city come to share their time and connect with these individuals. We hear their stories. We learn of their lives. And we break bread together. These events are opportunities to make a difference, build community, and touch the lives of others. Check out our monthly breaking bread video as well as our weekly community outreach videos to see how you can be a part of the fun. We’d love to have you.

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Community Outreach

Along with our monthly breaking bread, we connect with our community on a weekly basis. Whether if it's touching hearts in tent city with care packages, or sharing the beautiful game with under privileged and low-income kids, we're always excited to help and spread the love.

Outreach 006 - Last of Tent City:We had the opportunity to spend some extra time with our friends in this community before the airport disbanded them. We were even able to bring out Brenton Griffiths to show him what we were all about!

 Outreach 005 - A day with Andrae Campbell: We got to spend the day with Andrae Campbell and show him what we do on a weekly basis with our friends living in the streets. After feeding and handing out stuff, Andrae came with us to play with our U-9 club team.

Care Packages: Want to know what we bless our friends with? Here is a short clip of some of the things we stuff in the care packages!

Outreach 004 Breaking Bread with friends: Breaking Bread in Venice on November 10, 2017. We were able to bless many people with pizza from Little Caesars. FULL VERSION.

Outreach 003 - Educating the future leaders: Sharing our passion and educating the future at America Scores Los Angeles.

Outreach 002 - What do they think about us?: We step over them, we walk by them, and we ignore them because we are too busy. What do they think about us?


 Outreach 001 - Out here looking for people to bless: There has been a 16% increase in homelessness over the last two years in Los Angeles. We are out here looking for people to bless with our care packages.