Youth Pickup Soccer

Youth Pickup Soccer


Oh Cheeky is a local Soccer Brand that values communal experiences and is focused on creating a nurturing environment for the youth of our community. We want to bring the culture of Soccer into our community by creating weekly pickup games that are cost-free to our local youth. By creating an environment of growth where everyone is welcome to play, regardless of previous Soccer experience and finances, we aim to instill confidence, social skills, teamwork, and the value of physical activity through community based Soccer games. We are Oh Cheeky, come join us!

Youth Pickup Soccer Los Angeles


• Matches are 2 goals or 4 minutes in duration.

• If tied after 4 minutes, then Rock / Paper / Scissors will take place declaring the winner.

• The winner stays on the court while the losing team switches out.

• Corner kicks are allowed but NO throw in! Ball is played off the floor for all throw ins. 

Youth Pickup Soccer LA


• Street shoes

• Water

• A good attitude